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Marijuana Stunts

Does weed stunt growth? Let’s take a look at this issue

Does weed stunt growth

Weed is said to stunt growth. Marijuana can affect the thinking ability, memory and learning powers of teenagers as well as stunt growth. Weed affects the brain development of teens and impairs their thinking and learning function. Does weed stunt Growth? People Have Many Quesation in mind like ,does actutane stunt your growth?, does weed stop growth?, is smoking weed good for ...

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What stunts growth? Complete information might assist in prevention

What stunts growth

The worry that their child would not be able to attain a good height is a cause of perpetual concern among parents. There are some children who have a genetic predisposition to have a short height. These are the children who are the offspring of not so tall parents and thus, the genes that are transferred on to them show ...

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