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When Do Girls Stop Growing in Height?

Most girls want themselves to look perfect. They want their weight, figure, face, and height to be as perfect as possible and hence, start taking measures from the very moment they become conscious of their desire for perfection.When Do Girls Stop Growing in Height

Height is a crucial element that shapes one’s personality. A perfect height can get a lady all she wants, while a short height may become the source of her rejection. Ever wondered why all models are tall? Because tall is associated with beauty in a sense that only perfectionists can interpret. Hence, height plays a very important role in a girl’s life.

When Do Girls Stop Growing?

Girls stop growing in height once they start menstruating. This is usually when they reach the age of 12, though the exact age may vary from person to person. With girls hitting puberty, the growth hormones reach their maximum potential and cease the height to grow any further. Hence, it is important for girls to start taking measures to increase their height to the desired level before the growth process stops.

Measures to Attain the Perfect Height

The steps one can take to increase their height to the desired level before hitting puberty are as follows:

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is key for the perfect height. A diet with calcium, vitamins, minerals, zinc, carbohydrates, and proteins can help an individual’s height to grow. It is recommended for girls to eat a proper meal three times a day or opt for small meals six times a day. You can even visit a nutritionist who can help you figure out the ideal diet for you.


Exercising is quite helpful to enhance growth. The stretching and straining allow growth muscles to develop, benefitting the body.

Getting Enough Sleep

Growth hormones are produced while sleeping, which is why the body tends to grow only when one gets enough sleep. The time span for a good sleep is between 8.5 to 11 hours, which is enough for the body to grow in height. The lack of and excess sleep can both harm the body, so it is important to get only the required amount.

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Avoid Growth Stunting Factors

Substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are harmful to the body. These elements not only cause harm to the internal body organs but also play a major role in promoting stunt growth in individuals. Caffeine, in particular, does not allow a person to sleep, reducing the production of growth hormones.

Maintaining a Good Posture

It is necessary to maintain a good posture while walking or sitting. Hunching is not a good option as it allows the spinal cord to bend, reducing growth. Therefore, it is always recommended to stay in the right posture.


Girls stop growing after hitting puberty. Hence, all the efforts that are required to attain a perfect and commendable height should be made before the age strikes.


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