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Can Cow Milk Alternatives Stunt Growth in Children?

Latest research studies conducted on factors that stunts growth in children found that any alternatives to real cow milk can make children shorter. While, a cup of trendy almond milk a day makes children 1.5 cm shorter, a daily one cup of cow’s milk can make children 0.2 cm taller than average. The study conducted by a group of researchers ...

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Smoking make Teenage Girls Fatter and Boys Stunted: Study!

Smoking can no longer help teens to appear thinner and grow taller, suggests a Canadian study. Smoking cigarettes won’t help teenage girls lose their weight when compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Whereas in teenage boys, smoking will stunt growth hormones, and they may appear shorter than their peers. The Canadian study report published in the Journal Annals of Epidemiology found ...

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How can Sleep Deprivation Stunt Child Growth?

Sleep is an essential activity that your body needs to get just as you need food and water to keep you alive and active. A night without sleep is not going to affect your health and body but if sleep deprivation continues for long, it can badly affect the growth hormones resulting in stunted growth. Insufficient sleep, especially during crucial ...

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How Improper Bodybuilding can Stunt your Growth?

Teenaged boys, who are planning on a bodybuilding workout have one question in common- Do bodybuilding stunt my growth? Other questions that are likely to follow are: what exercises are good to increase my height? And, can I take any medicine to increase my height? When these boys compare themselves with other taller friends, their height problems worry them. According ...

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Can Coffee Really Stunt Your Growth?

Few meals or drinks were as properly studied as coffee. research has looked at espresso‘s feasible connection to most cancers, infertility, coronary heart sickness and a host of other problems (greater on a number of those later). however, did you ever listen that coffee may stunt your boom? reputedly, it is a not unusual notion. Separating Truth from Fiction: there ...

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Girls and stunted physical growth

As far as girls are concerned they are known to mature faster than the boys of their age. And this phenomenon is also widely applied when it comes to their physical growth. But in order to know when girls stop growing physically, it is first important to know how the process of maturity starts. As far as girls are concerned ...

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