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Coffee Stunts

Can caffeine stunt growth or is it just a hypothetical assumption?

Can caffeine stunt your growth

What does caffeine do to our body when we take coffee and other such products? It only stimulates the central nervous system and causes anxiety and dizziness. It is evident from research that it does not stunt your growth. In fact, it helps in growth, according to a study.   A study published in the “Journal of Endocrinological Investigation” in ...

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10 Reasons that will make you forget that Caffeine can stunt growth

Caffeine has started being a part of our daily routine majorly in the form of coffee. Most of us prefer coffee over tea now because of its soothing effects and wonderful taste. This soothing effect is because of a certain amount of caffeine present in coffee. Caffeine, as feared by some people, has some negative effects on our bodies. We ...

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To what extent can Caffeine stunt growth in Kids?

can coffee containing caffeine stunt growth

When it comes to our child’s health, we become very particular about minor details of each and every product that they consume. We become more alert when the product being consumed is known to contain something able to cause harmful effects on their bodies. Such is the case when we think about our kids drinking coffee regularly. We immediately think ...

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Can coffee stunt growth or are you better off without the beverage?

Can coffee stunt growth

  Coffee is a beverage that is found to be fairly common among adults. As a day full of chores and tasks starts and a hectic schedule is about to begin, there is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee to give you a boost. While most adults cannot start their day without a cup of coffee, they are ...

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How can a regular cup of Coffee possibly stunt growth of an individual

does coffee stunt your growth

Coffee is considered as a delicacy among the beverages. Its popularity throughout the world makes it the most frequently used drink of the world. The magnitude with which we see this drink getting involved in our lives is truly amazing. But the rising frequency of coffee use has raised many eyebrows regarding the health benefits and disadvantages of coffee. Most ...

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Dealing with a common notion: Does caffeine stunt growth?

Does caffeine stunt growth

You must have often heard parents forbidding their children from consuming coffee. They would say something along the lines of that it would make you shorter or would not allow you to attain a good height as are often heard. The question is how much reality is hidden in these statements. Does caffeine stunt growth and if so, what is ...

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