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How exactly does weight lifting stunt growth in children?

weight lifting stunt growth in children

Growing up as a slim guy: Growing up as a slim guy I’ve always been envied by girls my age and made fun of by all of the guys my age and that’s not even a little fun if you ask me. As a matter of fact this sometimes even leads children to depression because of their physical condition and ...

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Gymnastics Stunt Growth – Physiological reasons explained

gymnastics stunt growth

Some people think gymnastics stunt growth. Opinions of some of the researchers have confused people who take up gymnastics as a sport. These researchers believe that their intense exercise regimes affect the growth of the body. A team of researchers led by Ego Seeman, MD, University of Melbourne said that their exercise causes the reduction in the standing and sitting ...

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What stunts growth? Complete information might assist in prevention

What stunts growth

The worry that their child would not be able to attain a good height is a cause of perpetual concern among parents. There are some children who have a genetic predisposition to have a short height. These are the children who are the offspring of not so tall parents and thus, the genes that are transferred on to them show ...

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