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Stunted Growth

What stunts growth? Complete information might assist in prevention

What stunts growth

The worry that their child would not be able to attain a good height is a cause of perpetual concern among parents. There are some children who have a genetic predisposition to have a short height. These are the children who are the offspring of not so tall parents and thus, the genes that are transferred on to them show ...

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Things that stunt growth: Avoidance might prove to be a blessing

Things that stunt growth

Most people tend to commit the colossal mistake of taking stunted growth lightly.  They do not understand the repercussions of this condition, which does not only affect the height of a person, but would also lead to various issues in other developmental phases. Therefore, it is important to acquire complete knowledge about things that stunt growth so that by abstaining ...

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How to stunt growth? Understand the repercussions before trying

Stunted growth is a pathological condition. A number of factors contribute to this disease, which includes the likes of malnutrition, poor living condition, and poor feeding habits. Stunted growth is a process that occurs early in childhood and once the condition manifests, there is no way to reverse it. Once a person falls prey to stunted growth, no amount of ...

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Dealing with a common notion: Does caffeine stunt growth?

Does caffeine stunt growth

You must have often heard parents forbidding their children from consuming coffee. They would say something along the lines of that it would make you shorter or would not allow you to attain a good height as are often heard. The question is how much reality is hidden in these statements. Does caffeine stunt growth and if so, what is ...

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