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Does weed stunt growth of your muscles? A debatable question

The bodybuilding world is divided over this issue. One group says that the use of weed severely affects their workouts. The other group claims it enables them to focus on their exercises. This has created confusion among new bodybuilders. They don’t know who to follow.

There is not enough evidence to confirm that marijuana stunt growth of muscles. Several studies have been conducted to find the effects of the mind-altering property of the chemical found in weed.

Does weed stunt growth of your musclesstunt growth

Does THC affect testosterone?

The mind-altering chemical present in marijuana changes the senses and mind of smokers. The question is: does weed stunt muscle growth too? We all know that testosterone is the primary hormone that helps in the repair and growth of muscles. Does THC affect hormones? We don’t have any conclusive evidence which proves that. However, some studies conducted on human beings suggest it does not affect testosterone.

Results of two studies

Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior conducted a research to find out the effects of smoking weed on hormones. The study group selected four non-smoking males as subjects and gave them two cigarettes containing marijuana for two days. The cigarettes contained 2.8% of THC.

Blood tests of the subjects were conducted after two days. It was found that THC had affected the LH (luteinizing hormone). This hormone helps in testosterone production. The test showed an elevation in the growth hormone and cortisol.  It should be noted that subjects were not regular weed smokers.

A study conducted by the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse to know about the effects of THC on testosterone levels in healthy male marijuana smokers concluded that it slightly affects new smokers. Five cigarettes containing marijuana were given to 25 male college students to smoke in a week. Samples taken from these 25 male students were compared with 13 non-smokers. Researchers found their testosterone level to be normal. The students were regular marijuana users.

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Studies have shown that THC does not affect human growth hormone. The slight changes that have been observed in occasional smokers go away with the continued use of weed.

Marijuana effects on the hunger mechanism of weightlifters, bodybuilders and fitness models have been observed. It increases their appetite only. Marijuana smokers say their body demands for sweets and high-calorie foods increases. This creates a problem for them. The food their bodies consume may increase fat in their bodies. Weight lifters can benefit from marijuana use if they use nutritious food in response to cravings.

Studies on marijuana prove one thing: weed does not stunt growth of the muscles. However, it does not mean bodybuilders and weightlifters should start smoking weed regularly. Regular marijuana use can cause serious health problems such lung infections and heart problems. It is recommended that you do not start using it, especially if you are a bodybuilder and you have not used it before. People who claim to use it often express that it helps them do a rigorous workout.

People who use marijuana for relaxation and to enhance their sense of pleasure know about its adverse effects. The use of marijuana only increases their ability to enjoy food and other things in life, but it comes with fatal risks.


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