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Does Weight Lifting in teenage affect you to stunt growth?

When you grow up there are a lot of things in your mind. Every kid has his/her own thinking capacity and he wants to live in his/her own world and some even want to make it into reality. In fact, most kids make their own little dream world a reality by working hard, however, some kids can’t do that and the reason most of the time is their physical appearance. If you recall your days in high school you might remember some kids that are always being picked on for no reason or kids that can’t really make it to the football team because they’re either too slim, too weak or too fat and their physical problems make the most of their real world which sometimes cause them to go into depression as well. But hey, that only happens when the case is too extreme. There are always a way to alter your physical appearance. Girls are happier in this case as they have many ways to pimp up their body and beauty but guys usually have only one way out and that’s the gym.

Does Weight Lifting in teenage affect you to stunt growth

Yes, that’s right. The gym is the one place that can help build stamina for a guy who is weak, that can help build muscle for a guy that’s skinny and that can even help get in shape for a guy that is fat but if things were that easy we wouldn’t have been discussing this in our topic. Most kids stay away from the gym in their teenage era which leads them to depression or a sucky life but the question is when they know that going to the gym can help them, why don’t they go? Well the answer is “Stunt growth through weight lifting”. Some people consider it a hoax and some consider it a reality but either way it is definitely something that causes children to think twice about going to the gym.

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So how actually does weightlifting in the gym causes you to stunt growth? Well, in the growing age the growth plates in the bones are very active and that helps children when they are increasing in height. However, when children start lifting weights in a smaller age the growth patterns get distracted and this sometimes causes children to stunt growth or stop growing. However, that isn’t always the case. According to a research done by Kansas University, the cases of growth stoppage are only 20% out of a 100% but no one can tell if you’re one of those 20% people. So, there are two things you can do. Either get into the gym and pimp up or don’t take the risk of pimping up. The decision is yours. Be wise about it.


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