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How exactly does weight lifting stunt growth in children?

Growing up as a slim guy:

Growing up as a slim guy I’ve always been envied by girls my age and made fun of by all of the guys my age and that’s not even a little fun if you ask me. As a matter of fact this sometimes even leads children to depression because of their physical condition and that isn’t merely right, don’t you think? Besides, there is always a way to alter the way we look. When you’re a girl that way is either makeup or even a Botox surgery in serious situations but things aren’t like that with the guys. In fact, guys sometimes face very serious problems as at a small age they sometimes aren’t even allowed to join the gym. Why is that? Well, there is one reason why parents stop their children from weight lifting and that is growth stunt problems. weight lifting stunt growth in children

It’s no surprise and I think everyone knows weight lifting causes you to stunt growth if it’s done at a small age. But there’s one question that is always in the mind of the kid who wants to gain weight fast and that is, “how does weight lifting stunt growth?”

This isn’t a very hard question, to be very honest; it’s actually pretty easy and reviewing how this whole process works can even get a lot of things off your mind. So, let’s start talking about it. How exactly does growth your get stunt? Well to understand that you need to understand a small concept of growth. How do you grow? If you’ve ever seen a bone you must’ve noticed how solid it is, so how does it grow?

When you’re in your teenage phase the human bone is loose at the ends and with the assistance of your hormones it helps you to grow and eventually get tall.

That’s all great but when gym gets into the picture, things get heated up. A normal workout in the gym doesn’t affect you that much but when you start excessive bodybuilding, it’s just too much for a small body to take in. In simple words, when you start bodybuilding, it’s just too much pressure for your bones to handle growth and lifting heavy weights at the same time and this results in stunt growth.

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Although only 20% of the people get affected from this but you can never know if you’re one of those 20% so people take a lot of precautions and this is actually one of the many reasons why people don’t join the gym in their early age. As a gym instructor, I see hundreds of teenagers come in everyday and they lift but stay satisfied but I would advise you to not go for this until you reach your twenties.


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