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How Improper Bodybuilding can Stunt your Growth?

Teenaged boys, who are planning on a bodybuilding workout have one question in common- Do bodybuilding stunt my growth? Other questions that are likely to follow are: what exercises are good to increase my height? And, can I take any medicine to increase my height?

When these boys compare themselves with other taller friends, their height problems worry them. According to medical reports from American Academy of Paediatrics, bodybuilding doesn’t stunt your body growth if it is being treated rightly.

What are the factors that Stunts Growth?

  1. Improper weight training: If you prematurely impose more than enough stress on the growth plates through steroids, supplements, and poor nutrition, it can stunt your growth by causing the growth plates to close up early. A human male can grow in height till he is about 22 years old.
  2. Poor Nutrition: During the growth stage from teenage to manhood, your body needs extra nutrition and adequate energy to develop to its full height. Studies have proved that malnutrition can seriously stunt growth. Refrain yourself from the habit of eating fried and fast food to eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats.
  3. Taking Steroids: During teenage, the bones in your body hasn’t still achieved its complete growth until puberty. So when a young teen takes steroids to build muscles, it can artificially raise the hormone levels with steroids. This will send the wrong message to the bones to stop growing. So basically, when a teen is on steroids, there is no growth. Although, if he stops taking steroids, there can be limitations as to how much more his bones can grow.
  4. Prohormone Supplements: It is just another way your growth can be stunted. People often make the wrong assumption that anything legally available over the counter like, from a local health food store, is safe to use for everyone. But what happens is, the prohormone supplements are converted into testosterone in the body which encourages the muscles to grow. As in the case of steroids, these artificially high hormone levels tell the bones to stop growing. Therefore it is always wise not to use any supplements until you have reached your full height.


The proper intake of food and avoiding any artificial, over the counter medications can badly affect our body at a younger age. It will result only in growth stunts. Therefore, always take the guidance of a registered or trained bodybuilding practitioner if you are planning for a workout.


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