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Scientific Research about the stunt growth of women

Application of constant pressure via magazines, television, especially social networking sites has pushed females to apply all sorts of life changing behaviors. No girls, vigorous exercises, growth-pill overdose, or weeping at your reflection does NOT help!

Women Stunt Growth:

It should be noted: for females, stunt growth occurs before their incipient period. On average the primogenital female period happens at the age of 12 to 13, after which height of only a few inches more is obtained in the following 2-3 years, thereafter growth stunt conventionally lays its wings upon your height, further bringing it to halt.

Geffner researcher:

According to Mitchell E. Geffner, MD, a professor at medicine school Los Angeles, the formula to work out roughly the height of yourself (female) is to minus five inches from fathers’ height, add mothers’ height, and then divide it all by 2. To successfully test this, you need to know the height of your parents veraciously.

Dr.Halls carried out research in 1999:

Dr.Halls carried out research in 1999 to observe average female growth stunt. .participation in this particular research was of white race/ethnicity and of ages through 4 – 19.  Results indicated exact 50 percent above average, as a consequence 50% below. Surprisingly only 5% of females were dissatisfied with their height.



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