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Smoking make Teenage Girls Fatter and Boys Stunted: Study!

Smoking can no longer help teens to appear thinner and grow taller, suggests a Canadian study.

Smoking cigarettes won’t help teenage girls lose their weight when compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Whereas in teenage boys, smoking will stunt growth hormones, and they may appear shorter than their peers.

The Canadian study report published in the Journal Annals of Epidemiology found that teenage boys who smoke are on average 2.54 centimetres shorter than non-smokers. The girls who smoked did not end up skinnier but measured to have similar height and BMI.

Boys who smoke cannabis (Marijuana) before puberty could be stunting their growth by more than four inches. The youngsters who were addicted to the drug were far shorter than their non-smoking peers.

Although, the study did not find solid evidence with regard to its connection with weight loss, it would help persuade teens to not to start smoking.

As girls have a concept that an ideally thin body brings positive life outcomes such as happiness, confidence, and romantic success, they might not start smoking. Similarly, boys may not start smoking if they think they might end up shorter and smaller overall if they smoke.

How Smoking Stunts Growth in Teens?

  • Constant smoking makes the body more stressed in the long term.
  • A child’s birth weight is affected due to the smoking habits of their parents.
  • Early smoking possibly affects growth of teens to their adolescents.
  • Early smoking increases the levels of puberty-related hormones resulting in a decrease in the growth hormone levels.
  • Smoking strong cannabis (Marijuana) can be responsible for majority of psychosis cases in teens
  • Drugs (cannabis) shrinks and rewires the brain and even casual use of cannabis alters the brain.

The researches and findings would lead to a better understanding of the dangers of drug abuse on growth and development in children.


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