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Can Cow Milk Alternatives Stunt Growth in Children?

Latest research studies conducted on factors that stunts growth in children found that any alternatives to real cow milk can make children shorter. While, a cup of trendy almond milk a day makes children 1.5 cm shorter, a daily one cup of cow’s milk can make children 0.2 cm taller than average. The study conducted by a group of researchers ...

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Smoking make Teenage Girls Fatter and Boys Stunted: Study!

Smoking can no longer help teens to appear thinner and grow taller, suggests a Canadian study. Smoking cigarettes won’t help teenage girls lose their weight when compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Whereas in teenage boys, smoking will stunt growth hormones, and they may appear shorter than their peers. The Canadian study report published in the Journal Annals of Epidemiology found ...

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How can Sleep Deprivation Stunt Child Growth?

Sleep is an essential activity that your body needs to get just as you need food and water to keep you alive and active. A night without sleep is not going to affect your health and body but if sleep deprivation continues for long, it can badly affect the growth hormones resulting in stunted growth. Insufficient sleep, especially during crucial ...

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What teenagers should know about weight lifting

Gone are the days when teenage boys used to be short and skinny. With the arrival of the internet and a lot of awareness about health and fitness, many teenagers are becoming more and more fitness-conscious than ever before. If you visit any given gym these days, you will find some teenagers there. In fact, many gyms have separate sessions ...

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How exactly does weight lifting stunt growth in children?

weight lifting stunt growth in children

Growing up as a slim guy: Growing up as a slim guy I’ve always been envied by girls my age and made fun of by all of the guys my age and that’s not even a little fun if you ask me. As a matter of fact this sometimes even leads children to depression because of their physical condition and ...

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Does Weight Lifting in teenage affect you to stunt growth?

Does Weight Lifting in teenage affect you to stunt growth

When you grow up there are a lot of things in your mind. Every kid has his/her own thinking capacity and he wants to live in his/her own world and some even want to make it into reality. In fact, most kids make their own little dream world a reality by working hard, however, some kids can’t do that and ...

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