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Stunt Growth and Weight Lifting – Facts and Myths About Stunting Growth

Stunt Growth and Weight Lifting

  Stunt growth is a situation that results mainly due to malnutrition in childhood. Stunted people have short height and less weight as compared to other people. Once achieved, stunt growth can never be reversed. Dangers of stunting growth The dangerous thing is that stunted people may also have undeveloped organs, which can lead to various diseases, malfunctions and even ...

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Does Excessive Working Out and Weight Lifting Stunt Growth?

Working Out and Weight Lifting

What are the dangers of growth stunting? Some people deliberately stunt their growths in order to achieve their desired body shape. This can be very dangerous. Due to undeveloped organs, there is a higher chance of becoming prey to various diseases and illnesses. Once a person’s growth is stunted, it can never grow back. Stunt growth results from malnutrition in ...

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Stunt growth and smoking: The relation between them

Stunt growth and smoking

Parents have a number of worries and concerns with regards to their children. Till the time the matter is in their hands, they take every step to ensure that their child remains healthy and continues to thrive. However, a time comes when the ball is no longer in their court, the time when all they can do is hope that ...

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Can smoking lead to stunt growth: Is there a reason to worry?

can smoking stunt your growth

    Most teenagers these days are engaged in one activity quite commonly, which is that of smoking. While they are well aware of the harmful effects that might incur upon their health due to this, they choose to ignore this. It can be attributed to the fact that it is quite well known that most of the effects of ...

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Does smoking weed stunt growth? Actually, yes it does

smoking weed stunt growth

A new federal report says that the number of marijuana-smoking American high schools students is rising at an alarming rate. The report has alarmed parents and residents of the state where the state government has relaxed restrictions on marijuana. Marijuana, which is commonly called weed, is readily available in 20 American states and the District of Columbia. The state governments ...

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Growth Development of a Child – Stunt Growth Could Cause Abnormalities

growth development in a child

A child goes through four distinct periods of growth and development. These periods not only prepare the child for adulthood, but also establish fundamental features and elements that remain a part for the remainder of his life. The four stages of growth development of a child are infancy, preschool years, middle childhood years and adolescence. Just after birth, an infant ...

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