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To what extent can Caffeine stunt growth in Kids?

When it comes to our child’s health, we become very particular about minor details of each and every product that they consume. We become more alert when the product being consumed is known to contain something able to cause harmful effects on their bodies. Such is the case when we think about our kids drinking coffee regularly. We immediately think to what extent can coffee containing caffeine stunt growth? Most of the parents keep coffee away from their kids because of caffeine present in it but they very often forget the fact that other sugary and fizzy drinks have the same ingredient but are still among their kid’s favorites. No matter what the source of caffeine is, we should keep it limited for our kids to keep a check on the factors that can stunt growth of various body organs.

can coffee containing caffeine stunt growth

Can coffee containing caffeine stunt growth

Usually caffeine is considered as drug that can instantly produce certain stimulating effects on our nervous system. It creates the same impact on adults and kids alike but the magnitude of this impact is a bit more intense in kids. In children, even a small amount of caffeine can create adverse effects instantly. The effects related to the notion that caffeine can stunt growth are not yet obvious, but the following effects are sure to be created on your child’s body after caffeine consumption:

  1. Headache
  2. Insomnia
  3. Increased blood pressure and heart beat
  4. State of confusion
  5. Stomach disorders
  6. Jitteriness

If we look for further evidences, there are many worse effects that caffeine can produce on your kid’s body. One of such effects is the obesity caused by caffeine-containing foods and beverages. There are many calories entering into your kid’s body when they consume these fizzy drinks that have certain amount of caffeine always present in them. Moreover these sugary liquids are disastrous for your child’s teeth, causing them to turn yellow and get afflicted with cavities. They also are weakened because their enamel washes off with regular use of such drinks. When kids keep consuming such caffeinated foods and drinks for a longer time, they are satiated with this junk but stay deficient in their nutritional needs. To make things worse, they don’t receive enough of the calcium that can strengthen their bones. This can be a reason that can stunt growth in future.

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These problems are just to name a few. Researches have revealed that consuming caffeine can often serve as a reason to dehydrate your kid’s body because too much caffeine makes it difficult for your body to retain water for long. On the other hand, quitting the use of caffeine-containing foods and drinks can be a bit disturbing for some children but don’t let your kid reach that addictive level and monitor the intake of caffeine through various channels.


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